Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Been awhile but just wanted to share this

Ok guys feel I've been learning so much over the last while and I've been meaning to post this but thought this was quite good for us all to take on board - So when you are feeling fearful meditate on these words over and over again until your focus goes back on God and not you trying to control it. (sobering lesson for me)

"When you feel that familiar panic begin to rise in your heart like a river coursing its bank and your soul begins to roll with another round of "What will I do if...?" what would happen if you were willing to hear the voice of God whisper these inaudible words?

Child you are asking the wrong question.Here's the one that would assuage your fears. What will God do if....?

Here's a smattering of answers to that might good question. I, the Maker of heaven and earth, will:

perfect everything that concerns you (Psalm 138:8)
work all thing together for your good (Romans 8:28)
contend with those who contend with you (Isaiah 49:25)
fight this battle for you (2 Chronicles 20:15)
equip you with his divine power (2 Corinthians 10:4)
delight to show you mercy (Micah 7:18)
meet all you needs according to My glorious riches in Christ Jesus (Phil 4:19)
give you grace that is perfectly sufficient (2 Corinthians 12:9)
be your power in weakness (2 Corinthians 12:9)
do immeasurably more than all you could ask or imagine, according to the power that is at work within you (Ephesians 3:20)

How cool is that peace is there for the taking the choice is ours. Will we continue to worry and try to control things or will we trust what God says is true. It is def down to a choice : ) Let me know what you think.

Oh one other quote - An attitude of gratitude contributes to an enjoyment of Spiritual tranquility, whereas grumbling makes for inner agitation.

I guess that's why it says to be thankful (Col 3:15, Phil 4:6, Col 1:12, 3:16, 4:2, 1 Thes 5:18)

In case you're wondering the book I'm reading and finally almost finished is called So long Insecurity by Beth Moore worth a read for every woman : )

Linda Xo

Sunday, April 24, 2011

God is still in the business of preforming miracles!!!

Well much to update, firstly thanks you so very much for storming heaven for Liana over the past week, God has heard the prayers of His people and responded in a miraculous way.

The story goes like this, I was on my way to work, Liana had been really off form after the weekend and I thought it a good idea to call the hosp and ask what to do, the lady who answered was pretty forceful, telling me that I was to bring her straight away and not to argue with her, I was worried about Liana getting more injections etc, she said we would have to let the doctors do thier job.

When I arrived at the Hosp they had no recollection of the phone call, the ladies on the desk who had been there all morn had no idea who we were or why we were there, they thought we were a couple from carrintoohil. There was no appointment and so we would have to wait as it was very busy.

Eventually we say a doc and she said Liana had a common rash nothing to worry about, we got the bloods checked to see if they had come up as they were quite low at 37 before, when we came back from a 1 hour walk they were all very upset looking and the nurse blurted out 9 she is 9, her count had dropped so much she was now in real danger.

When they asked us how long it had been since she had last peed we realised it had beenaround 30 hours, then we got a bit panicked. God was so good, although she had to get 2 transfusions and be in hosp for 2 nights, He literally took care of everything.

In the middle of the night he reassured linda from psalm 121 by saying to her I am the God who neither slumbers nor sleeps I have her go back to sleep, this happende a few times during the first night, we had a semi private room to ourselves both nights, very unusual apparently,a real answer to prayer, when I wobbled at one point God told me to be still, and when I got back to the room a good friend had followed the Lord's lead and had text me that God had put it on her heart to say be still.

When we were very hungry and hadn't eaten anyhting on the last day just as we wer thinking of what to do about food, a good friend called and was outside with the biggest bag of food all gluten free for us to eat, Jesus really was 1 step ahead all the time, we have grown so much closer to Him during this and He provided a true miracle by restoring our little girl from 9(Hiv patient level) to 365, a real miracle the doctors were truly shocked, He is amazing all praise and honor go to Him , God is truly stylish, I hope this has encouraged you.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Birthday Girl

Can you believe Liana is nearly one!!! Our lives are disappearing befor our very eyes(I sound so old). The time has seriously flown bye, but we love her more and more each day, right now standing is the coolset thing going, Liana is standing on her own and learning some new words.

Her favourite word was triumphantly proclaimed recently on a trip to her great grandmothers house here in cork. Linda had gone to get something when Liana was seen to climb down and root through Linda's handbag, she found the other half of a falrey's rusk which she then thrust into the air with some defiance and shouted Bickie!!! Other words obviously are mum/dad/pretty/bye bye and a few more.

Linda and I are doing well. work is still ok, i am really learning alot about patience and self control as it is a tough environment at the moment, the Lord keeps asking us if he is enough for us, with ou all the ministry stuff and that has been very challenging as we have really soul searched recently.

We have our good and bad days but I can honestly say that we are learning to trust Him for His provision and for everything really. We are learning that if you seek first the Kingdom of God then all these things(which we strive after) will be given to us aswell, that's a cool promise, which we are beginning to see come true.

Monday night is going great, we are still regurlarly engaging with the homeless community in the city and have really struck a cord with a girl who uses the streets to pay her way, she has been really struggling recently and is sleeping on the streets, God is definately at work in her life so if you could pray for her that would be great.

We now have a team with us on mondays, a team of five which is hugely encouraging and has sprung forth from our sunday night meeting where we meet with like minded folks who want to put Christ first in everything and who want to live out their relatinship with jesus in a real and practical way. We are discipling eachother in the word and then putting it into practice midweek in our work places and on the streets.

Out of this group we have become involved with a college group which has been started in response to this to help young Christians in University to cope with the challenging questions/lifestyles they encounter in these crucial years. On a wednesday eve we meet with around 15 students on different stages of their journey with Christ to discuss key topics, like sexuality/evolution-creation/what happens to babies when they die and much more.

Professor Frank Peter's leads the group and I have really learned tonnes during this time, He has a huge heart for young people in His university and an incredible ability to use scripture to answer these tough questions.

It is no accident that these topics are coming up in work with people and I am able to explain from the bible where we as Christ followers stand in these areas, please pray for T in work who has asked for a bible, God is clearly at work in His life.

Hope this finds you all well, keep strong in the Lord and humble in heart. Alex.

So overdue

Oh my goodness it has been wayyyyyy too long since I have been on this and don't have enough time to update now. But I will get back as soon as I can and update on all that's been happening. Hope people haven't given up on us :) We're still plodding along. Can you believe Liana is 1yr next wk (16Mar) Our little baby is growing into an incredible little girl before our eyes.

Talk soon.

Linda xo

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Growing Pains

Hey all, Hope this finds you well, I am writing to you from a beautifully snowy Cork City. We are doing good as a family, i have enjoyed spending some great time with my girls this weekend as i could not DJ in Dublin due to the bad weather, every snow cloud has a silver lining and all that.

We are growing slowly but surely and really relearning the basics of what it means to be a follower of Christ, we are convinced that God is not to pushed by what we do for Him but much rahter that we are spending time with Him and getting to know and trust Him more and more.

This is no joke as we have tried this i have realised what a control freak I am and that I like being in control of my life and doing my things my way, but God has been lovingly wrestling this from me.

Someone recently described a good relationship with Jesus as a child and father in the garden cutting the lawn, the child is "helping" by pushing His plastic lawnmower around "cutting all the grass", while Dad(jesus) is on a ride on lawnmower beside us allowing us to spend time with Him and feeling like we are very important. I love this analogy this sums up my relationship with god to a tee.

The moral here is that Jesus dosen't need us to accomplish His purposes but wants us desperately to be involved in His Kingdom work and loves when we humbly come to spend time and help.

We have also been really challenged by a story about wild geese flying over head and seeing tame geese in a pen on a farm. One of the wild geese takes it upon Himself to go and tell the tame geese that they don't have to live this way that they can soar and be free just like the wild geese. This however takes longer that expected and the tame geese although they occasionally flap their wings to see what it could be like have actually become very comfortable on the ground in their cosy environment, slowly but surely the wild goose gets comfortable too and soon he is just another tame goose looking longing into the sky but never really flying free again.

Forgive me for this little story but this really sums up our current experience in Cork, we have become very aware of how it is all to easy to become comfortable in your environment and Church etc and forget how to soar, how to be truly free, well we have decided that we are not going to be geese like this (John 10:10) watch this space....

Work is going well with good conversations about deep things starting to happen, relationship are building, enjoyed a night out recently and had great conversations about Jesus with 3 people, also got voted employee of the year which was a surprise not to sure what God is up to with that perhaps again watch this space...(linda is calling me a geek)

Linda had a great time in India, was able to see the amazing project going on out there, schooling 250 kids and met many wonderful people on the trip/team this has led to some cool possibilities for the future and perhaps something with Kenya in the pipeline, please pray for this...

Our discipleship group and the homeless ministry are a real joy at present, we are very excited as we see God moving on a weekly basis in these areas.

If you could pray for a man or woman of peace like in Luke Ch10 in my work and in the homeless ministry, so we can so the seed and let God water it and bring fruit this would be immence.

As always if you would like to chat, need an ear or a shoulder or would just like to know more, call us at any time(not literally)

Love to all from the snowy Cork, have a blessed and peaceful Christmas, Psalm 62V1.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Hi There,

It has been a while since i have written my thoughts on here.

God has been working hard in our lives personally over the past few months and now we are beginning to see the results of that hard work in how we try to serve Him and who we are as people.

God has been teaching us patience and self control, Linda with liana and me in my work they call it a (controlled) environment, they time you when you go to the bathroom, not my cup of tea, who knew i was a free thinking hippie.

Jesus has repetadely told me to yield to Him and His ways, i am horrible at this and have done a terrible job of allowing Him to lead me, but you know He has embarrised me with his love so often when i really didnt deserve it that over time it wears one down and you begin to really like Him, mabye even love Him.

One of the young people i meet with regurlarly challenged me recently when he said he was struggling with the verses "If you love me then obey me", this messed me up and the more i tried to do it the less I succeded, but rather than punish me or distance Himself from me, God just kept coming out to meet me like the father in the Prodigal son and before i could mention some stupid apology, He just throws a beautiful robe around me and tells the servant to prepare the fattened calf, hushing my pathetic attempts to justify myself. I am blown away by His grace and mercy. This is so countercultural and is changing me in ways i could never imagine.

On the Street (the mustard seed ministry) that i am involved in on a monday night we have been practicing not bringing our strenghts to the table. Dave and I decided not to bring our wisdom, abilities, resources, etc and just to rely completely on Jesus as we go about trying to minister to the homeless community her in this city.

My experiences with God lately have just made me realise all the more that I am His favourite son!!!

An example of this happened the other night as we followed 2 drug dealers who were clearly dealing in broad daylight on one of the main streets in the city. Dave and I followed them, to make them uncomfortable at what they were doing, but as we went along we saw someone in need and stopped to help. As we were talking one of the dealers came right up behing me and touched the back of my neck with his hat, to let me know they were watching too, i was ticked off and we started to pursue them.

Not knowing what to do we practiced what we had promised and called out to Jesus for help, specifically for police who are very rare in cork on a monday night. God heard us and just as the dealers were slipping away at that literal moment as we called out, around the corner sped, you guessed it THE ARMED RESPONSE UNIT!!! i was so excited, they arrested the dealers upon our tip off and we went on with these silly grins on our faces, God is living and active and ready to respond to His childrens whims. Praise God.

Linda and I are excited to start a group for people who have a heart for outreach and mission in the city, we would really appreciate prayer for this, we have already had a huge response and people are hungry for more. The group will be unique as it will have a 2 way dinamic with people encouraging one another to get out there in the community and reach the lost tribes of the city, very exciting stuff, this begins in sept God willing.

Speaking of answered prayer Linda and i were blown away by the response to raise the funds to send 150 kids to school in India, Linda has been blessed as she is getting to meet these kids first hand in Nov and witness the plan to start this school, she will be going as part of a Zest4kids team, a mix of Christ followers and not yet followers, heading away to see what the money will be going towards, very exciting stuff, we would appreciate prayer for that week for safety and wisdom (for me and Liana, while mum is away, hehe)

linda is loving being a mum and doing an outstanding job, it solids right now so that is proving to be a bit of fun, Liana ate a few spoons of carrot puree today, then realised what it was, not impressed!!! I am so in love with my little girl she rocks, love hanging out with her when she holds my face and smiles at me, love it.

Anyway will update soon again, hope this finds you well, and encourages you somehow to keep doing good and not to give up, because at just the right time God will reap a harvest where you are.


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Diaries of a new mum :)

Well I have been a mum for 14wks and 4days so far, that would be 102days or 2,448hrs!!! Crazy when you think of it that way but then again that is nothing when compared to a lifetime. So our daughter is now 3 and half months old and where the time has gone I don't know. It has been the craziest, hardest but most rewarding part of my life so far. I had no idea how my life was going to be challenged and stretched so much with such a little person :) She has brought me more joy and tears than I have ever experienced in such a short time. Would I change her for anything absolutely not hehe.

Just wanted to share some thoughts and memories with you over the last while.

Cute memories from start till now -

*Definitely when she was born and her little face was all scrunched up.
*When she was asleep in my bed in hospital and her face was facing up at mine with a big smile.
*When her dad cried as he looked at her.
*When we brought her home from hospital and she was so tiny.
*When she made everyone around her stare at her for ages just cause she was so cute and small.
*When she would just sleep and looked so at peace.
*When she used to fall asleep in my arms when she was so upset at the beginning
*The day she first smiled and looked straight into my eyes.
*The day she looked at her dad in awe and made him cry.
*The day she started cooing and each day she tries to have a chat with me.
*The first night she slept in her cot, she looked so small in it.
*How she always looks straight at the camera when you want to take a pic.
*The other day when she laughed for the first time, it was adorable.
*When I go into feed her in the morning and I am greeted with a huge smile and kicking.
*When I read a book to her and she just stares at it especially one with lots of colours.

Funny memories -

*When she burped a huge burp - adult size and looked in shock as if to see who and what did that??
*When Alex was changing her nappy and she decided to poo all over him.
*When I picked her up one day and she decided to poo all over me :)
*When my mum was holding her and she decided to have an explosion in her nappy and it ran out the sides hehe that was funny
Hmm I'm realising these are all bowel related.
*When Alex was preaching in Lee Valley for the first time since she was born and she grunted and filled her nappy 4times and lets say it was far from quiet!!!
*When my dad (her grandad) was holding her and talked to her in baby language and she was laughing and talking back.
*While Alex was out working and I was at Amy's hen night Liana had an explosion and I forgot to leave spare clothes with my parents so we got sent a photo of her in Irish rugby outfit that came of a lions bear. Yes she was able to fit into teddy bears clothes.

Tough memories

*When in labour hehe
*When her heart dropped majorly and she was in distress during labour
*The first time she really, really cried
*When she wouldn't stop crying the 2nd night we brought her home.
*When she banged her head (twice)
*When I can't help her when she is distressed
*Oh my goodness the worst thing ever when she got her first injections!!! That was horrible. I will not be going again.
*When Alex had and has to work 11-8pm shifts they are long days.
*Weaning her off her dummy after we gave it to her!!

Overall though this has been some adventure and we wouldn't change it for anything. What an incredible blessing she has been so far. Such a gorgeous child. Even when we took the dummy off her and went cold turkey she was unreal and adapted so well. She's been sleeping through the night and even when she has her off days she still manages to smile and make me melt. Such a small person but so stinken cute. And as we're on the subject of stinky man can that child pass gas (this is to be polite not to offend people). She is unreal, so cute but it is embarrassing instead of burping this child mainly farts. Those of you that have heard her know what I'm on about and those of you that haven't don't worry you will ;)

It has been so cool to see Alex with her, he is something else. He always was amazing before she came along but to see him as a dad is incredible. You can see she already has him wrapped around her finger :) They have great fun together I couldn't ask for a better family. We truly are blessed. I am just so glad that as time goes by we get to see more and more of her personality, it is unreal to see her discover the world and for us to see it through her eyes, makes you appreciate everything a little more. Like the fact that she has discovered she has feet and hands and that the hands can now grab everything and make it to her mouth, she is hilarious.

You know I have days when I think that I can't possible get through them and then days when I just can't get enough of her and think we got this under control. Both of us (Alex as well as myself) have really felt that God is teaching us about patience, we keep getting that message and I can tell you I am certainly getting a lesson on it and so is Alex in his job. I also feel that I am learning so much about unconditional love and who was to know that this little person would be the one used to teach me :) I am so grateful that God continues to shape us and teach us so much. We both know this is for whatever lies ahead, the question is what exactly is around the corner. For right now I'm just going to try and take each day as it comes. To be continued.........

From a daughter, a wife and now a mum and from one who is learning everyday.

Linda xo

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Life at the moment

Wow I hadn't realised it was so long since we last blogged. Life has been fairly full at the moment with our little girl. But we feel slowly and surely that we are getting our head above water :) Liana gets more adorable every day and we were both saying last night how amazing it is to love something so quickly. She really is a blessing and brings a mile to our faces every day. She is growing up so quickly already we can't believe it. she is starting to fit into clothes now and was 3mths yesterday.

Alex continues to do really well at work and is top sales man this week. I'm so proud of him, even though this isn't his dream job it is so cool to see how seriously he is taking this whole providing thing. He really is something else as I know he finds it hard to go out and leave us everyday. But he is doing really well. Tonight he is out starting this discipleship group and they will spend the next few months looking at Luke and the parables with them. He is also looking at starting something new, we'll be sure to update as soon as things start moving. It's been great seeing him getting all excited about visions and the future an adventure certainly lies ahead.

As I type this I am looking at the video monitor we have and I can see that Liana is fast asleep. So nice to see her peacefully sleeping without a care in the world :) She is now in her own room in the nursery in her cot. It was so weird when we moved her in there almost two weeks ago now, but the amazing thing is that we are all sleeping even better than before. Liana continues to sleep through the night which means we are guaranteed on average 8hrs sleep a night. She is such a legend. She has also given up the dummy after going cold turkey but has now found her thumb :) What can you do??

I'll leave it there for now so I can make a cup of tea, very rare I have peace and quiet and some time to myself in the house :) Going to take advantage of it. Alex should be home soon so will be nice to catch up. Hope you're all well.

Linda xo